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Sildenafil Citrate (Intagra®)


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We believe, for example, that a woman be more complex: children and give birth, and all the amenities to experience PMS every month, and sex often receive less posited pleasure ... At the same time be a woman a little harder than men. Just the weaker sex of their weaknesses is not silent: to discuss, gossips, is divided. Men are more often so severe that they can not talk about their weaknesses: not with each other or with the woman he loved, nor with the treating physician. From this, the problems they have, of course, does not become smaller.

One of the most painful men''s problems is Erectile Dysfunction. And the lords of the phenomenon b prefers not to talk at all. If you want to mortally offend the man, call him once impotent. Not a goat, not a villain (it may even flatter) - impotent.

This Erectile Dysfunction is not rare disease, it does not punish separately unsuccessful. It applies to virtually all men of a certain age. And since we know that age - love, not a hindrance, with the disease need to do something. What?

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Ways to combat the problem are many: from the very hard with frankly frightening to people''s names - Grandfather potions. Just listing the most popular ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction in the home can be a terror: local negative pressure therapy,
intrauretralnoe introduction suppositories intrakavernoznoe introduction of drugs and joint replacement of the penis.

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Moreover, these methods are effective in the event that you practice them for some time before intercourse. That is, candles, wine, romance, you, she and ... syringe with injection strictly on schedule! Hard, is not it? If you want a more simple and less daunting decisions, choose the good old Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Just remember that treatment with these drugs may cause sudden hearing loss. This is not a legend, it is stark reality, which confirmed the often very serious investigation.

However, cure Erectile Dysfunction can be a variety of ways. For example, drug therapy will help improve body tone and blood pressure. Its principle-restorative effect caused by vitamins and trace elements, indirectly contributing to the slight increase in the intensity of blood flow in the vessels of the penis. Such medicaments include extracts and tinctures of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, lewisia, golden root, zamanihi, arallii, Pantocrinum. All these devices have one common advantage - they have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole and not cause any complications.

You can also treat sexual disorders folk remedies, if too scared to go to the doctor, and self-deception, coupled with caring loving partner is not operating. For example Erectile Dysfunction drink flowering herb periwinkle small as a tincture. A 20% infusion at 70-40 ml. alcohol to take 8-10 drops at station. a spoonful of lukewarm water in the morning and evening, long before the meal, for 4 days, then make a two-day break, and again accept.

Also disorders treated with herbal skunk-cabbage (purple stonecrop) in the form of infusion. 1-2 Art. tablespoons herb insist 4 hours in a glass of warm boiled water and take on the 1-2 degree. It is highly tablespoons 3-4 times a day (preferably in 1 / 2 cup whey) before eating.

Root Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea) in the form of tincture taken as a psychostimulant and adaptogenic agent in nervous and physical exhaustion and is often encountered by - Erectile Dysfunction. Tincture: 1:1 in 40 gr. alcohol is usually drunk at 5-10 drops tincture in Art. a spoonful of lukewarm water 2, rarely 3 times daily before meals.

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There are many other ways to combat disorder erectile function. In general, any measure that improves all functions of the body becomes a means of restoring erectile function. Therefore, in combination with other therapeutic measures are often used physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygenation, magneto-and laser therapy.

In any case, regardless of how the struggle with illness, keep in mind: to recognize the problem - a big step towards its solution, the silence - is silly.

What controls the erection?

No wonder they say that the biggest sexual organ is in our heads. It is the brain "in charge" of all manifestations of genital human: it creates an emotional mood, the need for sexual intercourse, attraction to the opposite sex and provides a reaction, realizing this desire.

In the language of science attraction to the opposite sex called "libido". Against the background of libido erotic pictures in combination with stimulation of the areas causing sexual arousal center in the brain. As a result of nerve impulses rush from the center to the various organs and make your heart "flutter", and his breath - become more frequent. Blood pressure rises. Under the "leadership" centers of the spinal cord penis fills with blood, repeatedly (4-10 times) increases and tightens. So there is an erection. Emotional arousal and activation of the glans penis lead to a reduction of the seminal vesicles and release of sperm - ejaculation and orgasm.

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Violation of any of the coordinated work of these links may cause sexual dysfunction, especially loss of capacity for erection.

Since ancient times, was searching tools that could help the man. He drank the love potion, or better yet unnoticed swallowed a pill - and please, appeared before a woman in full force and readiness. Such tools are called "afrodiziakum ''by the name of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensual love.

Despite the centuries-old quest, the vast majority of these funds were either tonic like ginseng and vitamins, or exciting, like coffee and chocolate, or just mascots acting purely psychological. The only effective means was the bark of the African yohimbe tree.

Why is it so difficult to influence the behavior of the penis? After all, people are usually fairly well with his body: even with closed eyes and in weightlessness his arms and legs completely Are subject to the will. But the thing is that we are able to command only those muscles which are attached to bones. But there are other muscles that we have no power. They are located in the walls of internal organs and blood vessels. The penis is under the control of these muscles, and therefore almost independent of the will of the owner.

Nevertheless, its behavior is determined by nerve impulses. The system of neural regulation reminds telegraphic communication. At the command post there is "order" in the form of electrical signals that run through the wires - the nerves. At the end of the wire sits "operator" which converts the current pulses in order to serve the public. These orders are those substances that cause the muscles that contract, then relax.

Inside the penis are two so-called cavernous body. Along the walls of the "caves" are the muscles through which they can change their volume. In the ordinary, "sluggish" state of the muscles of cavernous bodies and muscles of small arteries of the penis in a state of weak reductions - tone. They constantly circulates a small amount of blood, but to make the penis of elasticity is not enough.

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The situation changes completely when sexual excitement. By the genitals come powerful impulses that cause relaxation of muscle fibers in the walls of arteries and corpus cavernosum penis. As a result, the penis and the cavernous body are filled with arterial blood, increasing in size - there is an erection.

When sexual arousal decreases, the muscles in the cavernous bodies falling and being pushed out of their blood, like water from the sponge - there comes an end to an erection.

The substance, which gives the order to relax the muscles, called acetylcholine. It is rapidly destroyed special enzyme. When rats were injected with a substance, suspending the operation of this enzyme, they fucked for hours. However, these substances act indiscriminately.

American scientists have proposed another solution to this problem. In 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of special chemical link between acetylcholine and muscle. This nitric oxide, which ensures the formation of substances that lead to relaxation of the muscles of the corpora cavernosa and erection. Now, pharmacists were able to manage this process.
At what age erection appears and disappears when the norm?

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The first physiological erections occur in boys as early as 5-6 years and are not affiliated with erotic feelings. Then erections become more frequent, but during puberty, they arise as a sign of attraction to the opposite sex. Maximum capacity for erection in men about 20 years old, then it gradually decreases, but completely disappears each in its time - someone is saved up to 90 years, someone lost and after 40 years.
What diseases lead to the loss of capacity for erections?

First alcoholism, because in large doses alcohol acts detrimental to the ability to erection. The same thing - drugs, especially cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine: they are for a short time increase the potency, but just a few steps "turn off" her. It reduces the potency and the prostate, and diabetes, and some hormonal diseases, as well as sclerosis of the vessels, especially vessels of the lower extremities. The same happens if, without the doctor''s advice begin taking male sex hormones - their surplus does the reverse. Badly affected by depression, anxiety, waiting for some kind of trouble.
When there is disruption of erection?

Young people erection during the first intercourse is often disrupted due to excessive excitation. The more a young person wants to close, the harder erection occurs. And here it is very important tactical behavior of women - in fact sometimes cause in itself, in that it is something not said or done. If something does not work after repeated contacts - can be suspected pathology. In general, individual women are not so much to men of 20 years, but the older he becomes, the more important it becomes for her individuality.
How does an erection on the intensity of sexual life?

Badly affected by any deviation from the norm - as excess and deficiency. It is known that long periods of time - several months - reduce erections. There is even such a thing as "impotence sailors. On the other hand, the 7-8 sex acts a week, too, can reduce the potency.
What can be considered normal sexual life?

Everyone, of course, it is his own. But the average family man is a sexual act in a 2-3 week. The minimum normal frequency - once every two weeks.
Is the ability to conceive with erection?

Directly no. In men the peak production of sex hormones is achieved by 30 years, and the potency of this time is reduced, albeit very slowly. The ability to conceive is preserved much longer. However, if infertility is due to a lack of sex hormones may be impaired and erection.
How does physical activity?

Moderate exercise improves the potency, excessive - decreases. The fault is not only tired. Building strong muscles "takes" a lot of sex hormones, resulting in reduced potency. This is to remember those who are fond of bodybuilding.
Does the capacity for erection of nationality?

It is known that Southerners easier and faster than excited, but they can not long maintain an erection. Northerners - the opposite.